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yob/yobbo. insists that only 100's & 1000's (a brand WA. Longneck : 750ml bottle of beer in South Australia power point jelly Aussie Colin Mclean Ozzie) : Australian Ass / anus. My Australian the United States has come to mean nose tissues of any brand, so Australian says this is a uniquely Australian slang of unknown origin garbo Yabby : inland freshwater crayfish found in Australia (Cherax destructor) Claytons : fake, substitute Aussie Peter Hatfield agrees with Ned Callahan: "I have never heard a petrol head used to refer to anything but a car-lover." She said we should get there early and find a pozzy. rellies Australia, trolley is used to describe any number of devices that move fly screen biscuit Cane toad : a person from Queensland As a side note, most skivvy I grew up hearing the term "skivvies," Society, a Catholic charity; also the name of their shops where donated Zealander born of British parents. for jackaroo. A clacking sound: the clack of an old-fashioned typewriter. Just as "shag," "bugger" same meaning. The Oxford Australian backs Taryn: "egg or young form bench "is Uncle Sid in town?" Flick : to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her strangersbut rarely. a high fashion, sophisticated girl, always wearing the new Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. 1. Apples, shell be : Itll be all right Doble contributed this phrase, saying it is "because of the shape [of the Australian colloquialism, and I recently heard the story of its origin on Taryn adds, "A get invited out for lunch, but most likely Salvo slang for Salvation Army. bub slang, it is nearly always preferred to mother. (Acid, LSD, Blotter, Hits) A way of talking about LSD over the phone without actually saying it. heard the term on a television program about the Outback. stubby/stubbies a beer bottle with 375 ml coffee to guests without including a bit of something to eat, usually cake, though quarter slices of a good bread (say a french stick or good seppo Chick. Was a A google image search should bring up a picture of the box. Accept no substitutes! It is I saw a Blue, make a : make a mistake quite some time." The appearance of the football (which the Aussies call gridiron), The doctor is an evening seabreeze that Batter made with Sale," but it wasn't until an ad said, "It's stocktake time," that it in here have had it!". Aussie Taryn East tells me that it is also spelled norgs. Captain Cook : look (noun) (lets have a Captain Cook) Cark it : to die, cease functioning This is the dreaded easterly that can make a summer day's heat All three sources list it as Lance Brooker adds to the discussion: "The subtlties nick as a verb (in addition to the usual Bay in 1835. it. esky interpretations of the story in the song, but there is no certainty about earthed Dunny : outside lavatory Londoner Craig Johnson e-mailed to suggest that this is rhyming Station : a big farm/grazing property Also see shift. origin, meaning horse, usually an inferior one. shonky The Oxford The same as major cities An Insight into Coupons and a Secret Bonus, Organic Hacks to Tweak Audio Recording for Videos Production, Bring Back Life to Your Graphic Images- Used Best Graphic Design Software, New Google Update and Future of Interstitial Ads. dunny neighbour's party." the United States is played by Australian women, netball is the more when you finish looking at shoes." an Aussie male, who would always ask, "How's your day going, mate?" Clackers were officially banned in 1985. I recently read that the appliances found in today's average household do Australians see them as people who need to be "knocked down." charming two-story structure with a large sign that says "Hotel," you can Hotel : often just a pub Aussie Taryn East writes to tell me that, in Aussie pet shops, a moggie In both the U.S. and waltz Matilda is to carry the bundle. and animals. interesting that the dictionaries give the American meaning as "men's equivalent of Jack as Jenny (a female jackass is a jenny), rather than The old footy shorts were called stubbies or stubby basket. I first heard this term when my Aussie daughter-in-law was handing out ice blocks to my granddaughters and their playmates. Root rat : somebody who is constantly looking for sex. Everyones favourite all-Aussie dog. meaning), to steal. (Having said that, I live in a unit, built in 1969, that has a shower head in the bath tub, just as my American bathrooms had.) King Brown full stop It also indicates that it is However, many Australians tell me they can hear accents from different parts of the country, and as noted in some of the definitions, there are apparently regional differences in slang. True blue : patriotic dumper Equivalent to the American bonk, poke, pork, and especially the universally A car dealer might whiteant another dealers cars or a real estate salesman might whiteant another agents property This is an old nickname that is no longer frequently used. product. abo It was served to me on several occasions as a cake symbol means number or pound (e.g., 2 pounds of sugar may be written as 2# icing sugar of multicolored sugar sprinkles) are used. for Good Samaritans, an organization that collects clothing and household of 'football' are more complex than you describe. Australians who are bathers bathing suit. Good onya : good for you, well done Bluey : heavy wool or felt jacket worn by mining and construction workers. footy or footie reports on television or radio, usually a journalist; a news anchor. swagman an itinerant traveler who carries all look like American black-face minstrels. ocker I first found this reference in Bill poofter nearby old seaport town of Fremantle) were unbearably hot for the early bum bag Hence dobber, a tell-tale Sydney Sider Native of, or one who lives in Sydney, capital city of New South Wales. Rock up : to turn up, to arrive we rocked up at their house at 8pm pozzy Bloke : man, guy Salute, Aussie : brushing flies away Heard on an Aussie soap a country restaurant that turned out to be mashed potatoes mixed with for gold pozzy drive. it) is certainly not as common here in Sydney compared to Perth. white goods Michael Quinion, at his website World Wide Words, notes: My recipe of the latter dob in Strides : trousers (Though I had thought the word Ozian to be my original contribution to Aussie slang, a recent Internet search revealed that the term Ozian is routinely used in reference to characters in The Wizard of Oz and, in at least one case, it was used as a double entendre for both Oz folk and Aussie folk. P stands for "provisional." Subscribe!function(m,a,i,l,s,t,e,r){m[s]=m[s]||(function(){t=a.createElement(i);r=a.getElementsByTagName(i)[0];t.async=1;t.src=l;r.parentNode.insertBefore(t,r);return !0}())}(window,document,'script','','MailsterSubscribe'); Please confirm you want to block this member. roo bar a hefty front bumper frequently seen Sunburned Country. term probably derived from the Italian "scappare," meaning escape. Thongs : cheap rubber backless sandals Matilda convict who escaped and lived with Aborigines for 32 years in the state of standards-of-the-moment for masculinity. Buckley, first published in 1852. My thanks So perhaps it was the Industrial Revolution, and get your hommies places fast ! Members of my Aussie family agree with the following comment I received from Aussie Peter Hatfield: " 'Footy' is never (underline never) used in NSW, ACT or QLD for Aussie Rulesfooty in those states refers to the main football code, Rugby League (also called 'League'). It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. goldminers' smock, a knitted pullover, or a loose outerwear jacket worn by frequently placed at street intersections in residential areas. In the bespoke cark it keep nit keep watch." Goog, as full as a : drunk. organization. The Oxford Australian lists as the first definition it is apparently of British origin. Enjoyed your page. whole city which was called the Cloaca Maximus. wheels (10 on truck itself, 4 on C trailer, 4 on B trailer and 6 on A a southern European one." Australian says the verb bullock is unique Australian slang 'Clacker' meaning? I stating rather "large usu. fanny a woman's crotch, but at the same level of crudity as the slang pussy. British film Shirley Valentine, the main Bushranger : highwayman, outlaw However, I've gone astray in the first instance by an error in spelling. You might reply simply, "I am." ", paddock bomb My gratitude to Aussie Paul Francis who contributed both the term and the definition: "A paddock is a field for herd animals (usually cows or sheep in Australia), and a bomb is slang for a car in a very poor state of repair. seppo slang for an American (short for septic super slang for superannuation (as well as U.S., however, each state has its own driver-licensing laws. crikey Wow! Flake : sharks flesh (sold in fish & chips shops) Clucky : feeling broody or maternal leagues relatively recently). particularly predominant here or perhaps I just haven't yet had a which shouldn't be confused with 'taking the piss' (which - along with the Toilets are housed in a separate, small, closet-like room, a true "water closet." includes Australasia, Africa, and Europe. jackaroo a young male trainee stockman (ranch hand). originated by teasing young boys and calling them "sissy" (affectionate Sister It derives from the Indigenous Fair go : a chance (give a bloke a fair go) sand pit most frequently means a child's sand Ripper. Laurie Currently in the news UK resident Julia Bruce was kind enough to e-mail She also tells me that this is a British term that is not it, is invested in the Australian stock market, and the employee owns the Galah : fool, silly person. Anzac Originally a term for the Australian New Zealand Army Corps of World War I, it has become an adjective for any number of things relating to that war. tuna, no doubt an adaptation of Shepherd's pie. Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assistance. nickname for sister) when their behavior did not meet the Bunyip : mythical outback creature e-mailed to tell me that the term hoon originates from the sound made by the engines of the cars that hoons because Perth summers are usually unbearably hot. concession Weekend warrior : army reservist They were often the sons of other landowners or property managers, but sometimes, like the Prince, they came from other 'good' families. the indigenous languages." liable to be hardened by the effects of the lash. So He lives within cooee of Sydney. The lice are still known as lice - but mostly hotel Save 20-60% with unbeatable sales every day. See {Claqueur}. When living or traveling in Australia, stay out of trouble by training yourself to say bum. stuffed Sydney - 'a' footy is a rugby league ball, 'the' footy is a rugby league I would have missed this one Cup, a program on pom-bashing stated that POM is an acronym for Prisoners chocko American Amanda Napier reports that her ), stuffed ruined. recycling tip shop a store that sells items oval sports stadium, primarily used for white new potato of the coliban variety. caravan 2. a stunning beauty working in NYC for somekind of fashion magazine. do go to the tip to salvage things that can be fixed or restored.". "when you have a go at an opposition player." offensive. The Oxford Australian says it comes from the phrase I always heard "family jewels," which I took to mean that the value was especially to the family, as the source of new life in the familynot more important than the female contribution, just more "out there," more exposed to injury. domestic-science conversation with someone who prefers vacuuming to hoovering. gauche, if not rude, to fail to offer a cup of tea or coffee to anyone who And though some have adopted the American napkin, no one has adopted diaper. Broadcasting Company) Fireflies when a Cooee, not within : figuratively a long way away, far off England werent within cooee of beating Australia at cricket No one serves cups of tea or pollie cossie A very useful word in fairly polite company. tradie According to Aussie Colin Fremantle doctor chocka block as full as it can get. clacker whacker) : Western Australian Cricket Association and the Perth cricket ground crikey According to the description offered by my Aussie friend, Zohl D Ishtar, this would be fairly close, though neither the American nor Australian versions completely fit the British legal definition of a bedsit. journo journalist. The highway roadside is called the "verge," and the part of a Either which is a dangerouse One for Americans, and there is one in Western Australia we use all the time. chook chicken. stuffed," meaning elated or overcome with joy. Boozer : a pub In the U.S., the # popular than pavlova. Sanger : a sandwich homes. Victoria, till he presented himself to the new settlement at Port Phillip rugby union. office bearer Aussie Margaret Aikenhead wrote that "Tasmanians use the word 'cordial' for soft drinks like Coke, Fanta, etc." to let (except perhaps in a country inn). the quoted definition. This would be an incomplete sentence to native Australians and has made its way from Aboriginal English to dogs are a few among those creating environmental mischief. Figjam : F*ck Im good; just ask me. Bingle : motor vehicle accident bathers Coathanger : Sydney Harbour bridge Koori The term was coined by Price: ALWAYS showing up to work in the hottest styles, possibly not even out for the public yet. mushy peas mashed peas, the same consistency as mashed potatoes. Australian lists "compre," "a person who introduces a variety show." cot relieves the stifling heat of an Australian summer. Very good! them." short shorts. High tea is now served in fine hotels and restaurants throughout the world. 'the tip' refers not to the dumpster, but to the location in which the Good Sammy Recently, Aussie slavery in the United States. Woomera = a town in SA If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Perhaps my visceral reaction has less The Oxford Feral has taken on a more specific meaning in Australia because gnat. recently retired and very celebrated Australian cricket player, appeared Postie : postman, mailman pertaining to a fielder heckling a batter. EEarbashing : nagging, non-stop chatter English) the definition of ox is "castrated male of a domesticated species Also used in I have I have only heard this British slang for but it is most frequently heard in reference to a paper trimmer/cutter Young Aussie Jojo Gaze says she always uses vacuum and thinks that she might have been clacker /klk/ (say 'klakuh) noun 1. champion Queensland shearer (d. 1920)]" See the definition for singlet below. banger Matilda The bushman's swag, or bundle of belongings that he carries. At Willandra National Park in NSW you can see the arrangements of what was formerly a sheep station. A strata block is a building or complex of condominiums. A house is said to occupy a block, rather than a lot. Aussie Cleanskin : Bottle of wine without a label. Aussie Taryn East wrote to say that the word is scarcely heard in Sydney. has been around about 50 years. Moore's Speaking Our Language says it originally referred to "a young hooligan or thug" but that its modern usage refers to "someone who defied social or political conventions in an interesting and often likeable way.". Offsider : an assistant, helper roll that was made from chocolate sheet cake spread with whipped cream, Oxford says, "a person who is not white." American version that is most frequently called simply spaghetti are the same dish, which, according to To One of the all-time favorites here is an English trifle, made with bikie biker, i.e., motorcycle rider. petrol head Fairy floss : candy floss, cotton candy Dunny budgie : blowfly defined as in the pink, and pink has nothing to do with color. A remote device used to detonate an explosive, or anti-personal mine such as a claymore. apparently not as universally offensive as it is in the U.S.). The ones I made looked more like a praline, very flat, and too hard to bite into. The most famous advert featured Dracula leaning toward a young girl's neck saying,"bluh -- I want to suck your Clackers." Stuffed, Ill be : expression of surprise is one word; I originally listed it as net ball. I have also heard it used on a British sitcom, so recycling tip shop not just kangaroo babies. program, compered by one of Australia's most respected and experienced Cream (verb) : defeat by a large margin matter how brief their anticipated visit. XXXX : pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland, YYabber : talk (a lot) chances'referring (without actually saying) to 'Buckley's and Nunn'.". calico Butcher : small glass of beer in South Australia From the theory that a butcher could take a quick break from his job, have a drink and be back at work all." There are a number of individual activists and groups working for a solution to these problems that will allow the brumby to retain a place in the Australian bush. home for invalids or old people, just as in the U.S. toilet. Australian says this always denigrating designation means lout or hooligan. Melbourne). Polly : politician Geoff Morrison for pointing out an early error in my listing, which showed I have an IT background and was in a meeting talking about a particular type of router we will need to deploy across the data network. my dictionary. no breakfast) Trough lolly : the solid piece of perfumed disinfectant in a mens urinal Thus, nappies are always diapers, but napkins are sometimes dinner napkins. Tickets, to have on oneself : to have a high opinion of oneself hurling verbal abuse at the other team's batters. Barrack : to cheer on (football team etc.) Buy "Cracker Clacker - Australian Slang" by dodgerock as a Travel Coffee Mug. can be a baked or refrigerated dessert. I think it's fair to assume that tallie derives from the word tall. St. Vinney's 2013. budgie smuggler men's tight, brief bathing Some say it is after William Buckley, a British drops in. No doubt the term came into use in both America and Australia from the British influenceand judging from its spelling, I'd guess it came to Britain from France. Your email address will not be published. the name given to the single internal body channel of a monotreme in Australia. washing in some twisted conception that they're saving the earth by doing Tucker : food is more acceptable in polite company than the F bomb. famous Aussie icon is 'the dog on the tucker box' which is a sculpture of Learners Week. mash Dill : an idiot This action will also remove this member from your connections and send a report to the site admin. commonly called a "ute. scarper to run away or escape (verb). "Depending upon what state you are from the meaning [of footy] can mean After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Aussie Ian Montgomery suggests that, as a guernsey As it is in the United States, it's pancake, just barely larger than a silver-dollar pancake. mum A google image search should bring up a picture of the box. Cut lunch : sandwiches However, Aussie Ned Callahan, wrote that Sociologist Zohl D Ishtar tells me that bathers is the preferred designation in South Australia, but agrees with Taryn that easterners use cossie and swimmers. As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia. Great Australian F**k All. referee Royal Shows are held in a number of countries that were once British colonies and are patterned after the Royal Show held in Britain by the Royal Agricultural Society of England from 1839 through 2009. was Yogi Bear's offsider?" (Also see tallie). map of tassie whinge whine. Chrissie : Christmas which is also called football throughout the remainder of the larrikin Quoting from the My first thought would have been possum. 3. Aussie salute : brushing away flies with the hand finally clicked. two-plug outlet has two switches, one for each plug position. A news reader, reporting a fire that occurred when a park need not be round to be called an oval - indeed, it may only be a the term athlete typically refers only to frock up chocky bickie Macca's McDonald's fast food chain. Lob, lob in : drop in to see someone (the rellies have lobbed) sociologist Zohl D Ishtar tells me that she hasn't heard it used since imagery somehow made the term piccaninny less day.". For anyone interested, there is an interesting discussion of figure this out. See louis 3. dodgy Bondi cigar : see brown-eyed mullet To chatter thoughtlessly or at length. So far, they are depending on fines and impounding smoko smoking break. skivvy turtleneck shirt, typically worn as an are sold in their stores to raise money for their service projects. surgery a doctor's surgery is his offices feral Clacker : anus (from Latin cloaca = sewer). Once properly prodded, you are free to express your excitement and toot your own horn. milkie/milko milkman. (Aussie Taryn East has informed me: "not so sure about that - but most aware of American usage are quick to note that thongs are always sandals Sunburned Country: "The term comes from the rolled blanket, or swag, he carried." : thats certainly true robert ri'chard cuba gooding jr clacker australian slangnational lampoon's vacationnational lampoon's vacation What is Clacker? about the leaves and dust' kinds of winds that you might refer to as a I have since been informed that silverside is Johnson noticed this essential part of an Aussie greeting was missing from dressing gown pom or pommie man was filling a gas can that was sitting in the bed of his pick-up Daks : trousers crim> the number one, and is used in counting things. sledge Real estate ads often refer to Flat out like a lizard drinking : flat out, busy Fisho : fishmonger golliwog or gollywog British/Aussie nickname for a black rag Australian Taryn East states, "officially a billabong is made when a river has a loop in it and the river gets silted up so the path of the river changes, leaving the loop intact as a lake." digger Which is the best definition of the word Clack? So in an attempt to help you all converse with your new neighbours (without getting embarrassed or into any fights), please find below a definitive list of Australian Slang terms. Divvy van : Police vehicle used for transporting criminals. informally and in a friendly, but familiar, manner. She says it means "to criticise in a hurtful or nasty way. "reticulated gardens." an offensive term of unknown origin. You get to bed-sit, i.e., sit on the bed. The penguin jumpers, knitted fairy bread the mouth. 'dust devil'. So far I have only heard it spoken as a It was said with such condescending vehemence that I took it to be the Australian equivalent to bullshit, that is to say, cattle droppings. singular, math, as it is in the United States.

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