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Comparisons in style and tone can be drawn with BoJack Horseman, another Netflix original series. -Goomer jokingly to Frank after defecating in the woods, newspaper in hand. This follows through into the fifth season, with Frank among the only people to stay on instead of taking a severance check. He also breaks into other people's houses. a geeky, brown-haired kid who receives numerous insults over his big head. Season 4 was released on June 12th, 2020. Defecating in the woods But, why wasn't I interested? This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Despite the fact that she was subjected to physical abuse at Chet's hands, Nguyen-Nguyen is still convicted of murder and spends the remainder of the series in prison. 9. Vic's girlfriend is only ever referred to as "Cutie Pie", and it's implied that Vic doesn't use her real name because he doesn't actually. He blames this on a bear. ", Nope he not I asked F for family on Twitter proof, I dont know if hes a serial killer, I think hes just a weirdo. It's seemingly over when a fight with Bill's bully Jimmy and his father reawakens Frank's passion for the deal to still go off. Governor identifies Texas school shooting suspect, /co/ - Comics & Cartoons Thread #127239835, F is for Family - Neighbors / Characters - TV Tropes. Father Pat, no longer wearing his priest clothes, is watching from the bar at a tropical beach, alongside a pretty woman in a bikini. Hover to zoom. During the lead up, they show Father Pat listening to several different characters, Mr.Goomer among them who states: "I knew Chet was being poisoned but I didn't say anything. That's what Big Bill's last words were really about, not Box 16, but Bach 16, the piece of classical music used for the jingle. A close-up shows that he's clearly feeling lonely and depressed. Sonabishi, the brand of TV Frank buys in the first episode, is a portmanteau of the Japanese brand names Sony and Mitsubishi. In fact, Goomer still keeps all the unused baby shoes meant for their unborn child. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. And on the down side, Frank has been demoted to a position that pays half as much as his previous position, Louis and Stans relationship goes back to the stage of estrangement, and Ginny has. He also makes similarly off-color jokes when talking to a group of feminist activists. Both Goomer and Allen are balding and overweight. "The Bleedin' in Sweden" Follow the Murphy. When he does locate her, he says that he was relieved she wasn't dying her hair and making a run for the state line. Unfortunately, Frank finds out rather quickly that his new bosses from Alaquippa are just as incompetent and uncaring as his old bosses. Anything Frank Murphy Sue Murphy Kevin Murphy Bill Murphy Mareen Murphy Megan Murphy Eats View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO F is for Family 107 - S3E09.jpg, 194KiB, 1920x1080 Anonymous Thu 25 Nov 2021 19:29:11 No. The leader, Tecumseh X. Dubois, is based on Donald DeFreeze, the founder of the SLA, while the young blonde woman is based on Patty Hearst, the wealthy heiress of the Hearst media empire. She is a survivor because she isn't taking Chet's abuse, and is "changing him from the inside" by poisoning him with drain bleach. Their surprised reactions almost implied they're upset that they got screwed out of a radio broadcast, but then they started cheering and praising themselves for technically being on the radio. Former builder Mark Brown, 41, was sentenced at Hove Crown Court today for killing mothers Leah Ware, 33, and Alexandra Morgan, 34, in Sussex in 2021. Criminal Goomer is voiced by Trevor Devall and Evelyn, Goomer's wife, by Eileen Fogarty.. In the season 4 episode, "R is for Rosie," Frank cuts the regular theme song off (which is playing on a radio) as it is beginning. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Season 5 begins with Big Bill's funeral. They drive away in horror, to the annoyance of both International Touch and Janet. The series premiered on Netflix on December 18, 2015. 0 items. Professionally printed on watercolor textured boards. This did little to deter him. she finds out that Kevin is only 14 years old after just having had sex with him, claiming she thought he was just short. Title Original air date Prod. Watch F Is For Family: Season 5 Date Announcement, Watch F Is For Family: Announcement: Jonathan Banks Is Big Bill Murphy, Watch F Is For Family: Season 3 Official Trailer. Big Bill to Frank early in Season 4, with the family unable to understand why Frank hates his father until Bill gets a glimpse of what Frank went through when Big Bill takes him to the sporting goods store. Creep is seen enjoying his first Christmas with Vic Jr, who is happily chewing on a toy Corvette. Goomer (Walter Bartnett) Peter Billingsley . Chet is dead and the Murphy's starts rebuilding the new baby's room, this time with a city permit, only for his abusive dad to suddenly show up and move in. When Sue gets a job in season 2, Frank is shown to be intensely resentful of it, since he thinks that, as the man, he needs to be the breadwinner, or at least be more successful than his wife. believe in Sue telling him about his abusiveness. In season 4, Rosie manages to overcome several obstacles and win the election for his neighborhood alderman. Kevin becomes disgusted with them and leaves. Available in three, Discover the MBTI personality type of 58 popular, patterns, Chi., 1963; Handbook of marriage and the, world. Nickname Frank sees a commercial for Mohican Airways that features Native American stereotypes (and ends with a Native reacting in horror when offered a blanket). After being shot by Louis Gagliardi and saving Rosie's life by diving under a falling platform, he is now paralyzed and will spend the rest of his life being chair bound. Favorite Music Genre If You Could Go Back in Time and Eliminate a - Skadi, don't starve lantern glitch - mail.cidf.in, Goomer is totally a serial killer : fisforfamily, Watch F is for Family | Netflix Official Site. Wisconsin. He nicely pretends to feed each photo except for Kevins, which he aggressively smacks off the table. have any problems, you can consult your parents, was criminally insane when he killed 17 people, uncanny ability to sense a pregnancy. Mohican's questionable business practices and lack of employee discipline are why part of why Mohican was in such poor financial shape that it was bought out by Alaquippa. Frank misheard him, it was actually. breccan f. thies The Biden administration has opened an investigation into a Texas school district for banning sexually explicit books that promote gender theory. The party (was/were) in full swing. which were Big Bill's dying words to Frank. He may be sexually motivated in his spying as well. A sub for the Netflix series **F is for Family**. What causes a child to become a killer? In S4E5, when there's no food at the Fitzsimmons house, Bridget tells Maureen she knows how they can get free food. 22K views 2 years ago Goomer impersonates Frank Murphy while he away with his family on a summer vacation. He is rehired by his rebranded radio station to host its "oldies" music. $0.00. Goomer frequently breaks into his neighbours homes. Ill take good care of her, too. The sales meetings Sue held at people's homes was a real marketing tactic called "Tupperware parties" that were prominent in the mid-to-late 20th century. Bill is terrified of what Frank's reaction will be and voices his concerns to Kevin. Smokey reveals he's about to lose his foot. Sometimes wearing their clothing and pretending to be them, other times just snooping or stealing. He even looks like BTK, or maybe Edmund Kemper but he can't be Kemper because of his family situation. Subverted in season 5 as Frank focuses more on baby Megan, relegating Maureen to middle child status along with Bill. Sue's male obstetrician is a, Kevin seems to be having fun with the two slacker employees at Mohican Airways until. Unfortunately, Rosie's aspirations for bringing real change and good to his neighborhood hit a brick wall because systemic racism and cronyism are still deeply entrenched in the city government and no one is interested in his ideas. Kevin's band with Lex and Bolo started out as a progressive rock band called "Merlin's Monocle" that played really long and deep. However, it is possible that she is just using this as an excuse for the fact that she just committed statutory rape. Flashbacks show that Frank and Sue were caught off guard by her pregnancy, but nevertheless optimistic that they could still pursue their dreams of being a pilot and scientist respectively. Mayor Tangenti resigns and is indicted for being an accessory to attempted murder and accepting bribes. Like but thanks to Smokey poking a hole in one of their condoms, Sue is pregnant with another child. He even. Alive No. Season 4. Evergreen. Serial Killers. While this idea was relatively common back then, this is less present nowadays, and Sue is understandably pissed at him when these feelings surface. Goomer can be seen by Smokey Greenwood wiping his dog while walking it and smelling the feces. Even Bob Pogo calls himself Bob Pogo. Anytime a character is shown walking, it's clearly stock animation. He sniffs at his dog's shit. However, all this being said we see in the episode Summer Vacation, while he is house sitting for the Murphys and parading about in Franks clothes he eats at their table with photos of Sue, Bill, Maureen, and Kevin. Ivakele Yeko was, according to his mother, taken on December 5 by . Goomer recalls once when his father caught him peeing in the yard, his father drove him up to a farm and made him pee on an electric fence as punishment. In Season 1, Frank gets the deal between Mohican management and its union to go off, but he's fired for speaking to Roger as an equal. Alaquippa Airlines, one of the airlines participating in X-ray machine training in Cleveland with Mohican in Season 4, is based on the real-life Allegheny Airlines, which absorbed Mohawk Airlines in 1972, ending Mohawk's existence. He apparently stares through the windows of the Murphy house every night. Goomer on the surface appears to be an average middle class American, though he actually hides some rather troubling behavior. - Goomer telling Frank he's watching the fight with Vic instead. While the suspension form is a big deal to Bill, to them it's just another bit of paperwork they have to sort through. Mosquito Killer Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter USB Rechargeable Handheld Racket. after getting rehired by the radio station during his birthday party, and doesn't come down for a week and a half. on the plus side, Kevin has made up with Alice, Rosie has managed to stop his district from being demolished, Mayor Tangenti has been indicted, Lou Gagliardi is dead, Sue has managed to patch things up with Louis and has opened her own parenting class, and Frank finally manages to move on from his past and is actively doing his best to be a better father and husband. ", Frank's alpha-male neighbor, Vic, looks and acts just like Wooderson from. Season 5's story arc revolves heavily around Frank trying to find a sense of closure by deciphering the "Box 16" mystery, and Frank vacillates between an idealized, rose-tinted view of his father and anger at him over his unresolved childhood traumas. Bob Pogo fired him at the end of Season One. When Goomer draws a pair of glasses on his face to look more like Frank, the asymmetry makes it clear that the animators used the same face and occasionally flipped it rather than come up with a new face. Some of Goomer's behaviour seems to point to him being a serial killer. Angela isn't ironing her dress now. FBI interviews parents of alleged Buffalo shooter Payton Zoran Korach - Celebrity biography, zodiac sign and famous Goomer is a serial killer. Which ends being converted to a strip club, Captain ChuckleThrust's, by season 2. + $10.40 shipping. First episode sausage pasta bake jamie oliver. Mentioning drowning, in any context, is one for Kevin. He has an unsettling habit of wiping his dog's bottom with toilet paper, and then sniffing it. Relatives Carl and Red are watching the stunt on TV, right in the middle of a porn shoot, having successfully made it into the porn business. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. And at the end of Season 4, Frank learns that Mohican Airways may be bought out, leading to multiple layoffs. He can often be seen peering though windows. If you've watched the show you would know that by the end of season 3 it's been well established that Goomer has sociopathic tendencies/case of the crazies. Bob Pogo's heart attack in the season 3 finale, after almost 20 years of horrendous diet and virtually no exercise or any movement at all really. Amy Jenkins is a bully to both Maureen and Bridget. Kevin, Lex, and Bolo later find out a second-long clip of their song was used as a bumper for the weather report. Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV. This revelation comes near the end of Season 4, with Frank, Rosie, Bob, and Red vowing to save Mohican, laying the groundwork for a possible main plotline of Season 5. Cat Valentine is a sweet, caring adolescent who has a knack for getting herself into sticky situations. The party (was/were) in full swing. Does the town where the Murphys live actually exist? Goomer also implies once that he had some type of dream he had to give up on. archie bunker job. F is for Family is a Netflix original animated sitcom created by comedian Bill Burr along with Michael Price, best known for his work on The Simpsons. on reasonably high notes. Gender Vic reunites with Cutie Pie, who is in the hospital preparing to deliver a baby at the same time Sue is preparing to deliver hers. who would love to see Bill burrs video about the yoko Press J to jump to the feed. A second season was later released on May 30, 2017. gets his job back as a news anchor after his role in exposing Mayor Tangenti, much to the disgust of Curtis Higgins, who replaced him and is now his co-anchor. The killer has a drive to sadistically control his victims. A lot of characters receive this, especially near the end of the series. Infuriating character. F is for Family - Best of Goomer (Trevor Devall) 131,904 views Sep 4, 2018 1.7K Dislike Share Save Third Level Comedy 3.07K subscribers Goomer is the friendly neighborhood creep in the smart. He also bleaches the walls of his trailer before letting Big Bill use it, and was shown carrying a dead raccoon around., it tells a little but just enough to entrigue tf outta ya, For reals, literally I was like wondering if he was inspired by an actual person or if the couple were created based on a couple but I dont think so but I really want to know more on them, I want more people to talk about the Jeffery Dahmer character, I like the subtle little hints towards him in the last season. One example of this would be him lying to his wife about what he was doing in Frank's house and she believes it. Rosie angrily throws a sweet potato at the TV when he sees footage of Mayor Tangenti cutting the ribbon for the new tollway, which is planned to run straight through Rosie's district. Louis Gagliardi is shown eating a "Tollway Turkey". Goomer and Evelyn rekindle their love for each other. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Vic gives us one regarding some sexual affairs he had as a student with the then lunch lady Vivian. In the season 5 finale, he is revealed to be a criminal whose real name is Walter Bartnett, and that Goomer is only a false name and identity. However, the real life SLA operated in Southern California rather than the Northeast in which the show is set. Mohican Airways is based on Mohawk Airlines, a regional airline based in the Northeastern US from 1945 until 1972. List of Sam & Cat episodes - Infogalactic: the planetary Istanbul dog groomer Mehmet Gunes becomes an - Mail Online, F is for Family / Tear Jerker - TV Tropes. The rest of the Murphy clan include Frank's wife, Only Sane Woman Sue; Dumbass Teenage Son Kevin; Middle Child Syndrome Bill; Bratty Half-Pint Maureen; and an old dog named Major. The final episode of Season 3 shows they destroyed their teacher's car by pushing it onto the tracks. There is a Rye Township in Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg, and Rustvale could be based on Harrisburg or York. 0 items. The series stars Burr as foul-mouthed patriarch Frank Murphy, and is a semi-autobiographical story of his own childhood. Serial killer Edward Edwards. He has a strange obsession with feces, and taking shits in places you arent supposed to shit. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. He later told police that he typically found his victims at the mall, where hed lure them to leave with him. 4. Who is the elder son and where is he? Several real-life ABC TV shows are referenced directly in-universe. Vic looks for him in a helicopter. It's strongly implied that she resented having to play the charade and is bitter that she couldn't have biological children of her own. The themes of modern feminist issues in the series revolving around Sue's work can also parallel Tupperware's praise and criticism from mid-century feminist groups, the positives being the company employed a lot of women (most without prior work experience) and the negatives being a lot of the target marketing towards housewives sometimes invoked the. The one time his full name, Pogrohovich, is used by Brandy during a company meeting, she mangles the pronunciation, demonstrating why Bob and his co-workers exclusively use his nickname. BLABLA, the left-wing radical group responsible for the hijacking at the Mohican runway in season 2, is based on the Symbionese Liberation Army. F is for Family is set in the 1970s in the fictional town of Rustvale, Pennsylvania.I like the reference and idk at what age Jeffrey began his interest for violence I just remember he started you g but didnt murder a person until he was 18 yo I believe in the last season it is 1974 about to be 75 and Jeffery in the series is 9 yo meaning that it would take 9 more years for him to be 18 and by then the year would be 1984 so the timeline doesnt make much sense I could be wrong so you can do your own research and let me know if you know Im wrong, it was probably an easter egg because jeffrey didnt act like this as a kid and his dad was a chemist not a cop. he witnesses Rosie being pulled over on a trumped-up traffic stop and publicly humiliated. Madmen: Don was always emotional because he was sleep [Glass Onion] Benoit Blanc couldnt get the invitation to [Harry Potter]Grindelwald doesnt actually hate Saitama and The Tick have the exact same super power Press J to jump to the feed. He may have a particular obsession with Kevin. Frank once lent Goomer "rope, shovel, hacksaw, duct tape, and quicklime" (which he thought was for weeds). Nora, Eileen, and Nora's new husband are enjoying TV dinners in California. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. In Season 2, Frank gets his job at Mohican Airways back and he and Sue believe that their kids are old enough that they can go back to pursuing their dreams. In the Murphy home we see some "IOU" notes from him in Frank's secret money stash behind the fridge. Favorite Animal Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Gets off on doing strange things that other people would find disgusting or absolutely weird. F Is for Family is an American adult animated comedy drama streaming television series created by Bill Burr and Michael Price [1] for Netflix. The series ends with episode 44, with Mayor Tangenti being forced to resign after his crimes are exposed, and Frank making a kind of peace with his deceased father, accepting that it's the closest thing to closure he's ever going to get. Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV. And then Buster gets on the mic and delivers a profanity-laced tirade against Rustvale in general and Alaquippa and Frank in particular. Salvador Ramos is Uvalde, Texas, school shooting suspect F is for Family - Goomer impersonates Frank Murphy - YouTube, Jeffrey Dahmer | F Is for Family Wiki | Fandom, Who Plays Sam From Sam And Cat - Animals Guides, Freddie Benson | Sam and Cat Wiki | Fandom, Private Gomer Pyle | Villains Wiki | Fandom, "F Is for Family" The Stinger (TV Episode 2018) - IMDb, Goomer (Sam & Cat) - Works | Archive of Our Own. F Is for Family TV Series 2015-2021 TV-MA 30 m IMDb RATING 8.0 /10 38K YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 1,518 104 Play trailer 2:12 16 Videos 99+ Photos Animation Comedy Drama Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV. I'm thinking BTK but he has no kids. Mr. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Available in, 6. The Rustvale hospital, an example of medical practice before the term "evidence-based practice" came into being the following decade. In the season 3 finale, while looking for Bill, Frank engages in, The difficult relationship between Frank and. Like Mohican, Mohawk used Native American imagery in its branding. At least Nora and Eileen are. Not only is he constantly breaking into people's homes, bleaching the walls of his trailer before letting anyone inside, stalking his neighbors, killing small animals (racoon), patting down a suspicious grave like patch of grass, taking pictures of Kevin masterbating as well as Frank on the toilet and Frank and Sue just before sex. The parody includes the impending buyout of Mohican by Alaquippa that Frank accidentally learns of from an Alaquippa employee, which will likely end with Mohican staff being laid off. Still, the family looks as happy as they ever get. And the animatronic bear band can be seen in the episode "F is for Fixing It" "doing sex stuff with each other.". We see him wearing Frank's clothes and acting as him (lying to Evelyn that Frank had been stealing his clothes for years when caught dancing with Sues wedding dress), dressing as Mr. Holtenwasser and answering his phone (claiming to be feeding Mrs.Holtenwassers ashes) and sitting on Kevin's bed with Kevin's guitar in hand (smelling Kevins combs). He doesn't actually kill, he only watches and hides the bodies. items. f is for family goomer killertim curry vocal range f is for family goomer killer. And tries to protect his wife. "Not from diabetes, gambling debts. She opens a drawer in the kitchen revealing a revolver and ammo, which she ignores and grabs her dad's janitor keys so they can get into the school cafeteria. Kevin's summer school classmates like vandalising their teacher's car and pushing things onto the train tracks so they can witness some destruction. I mean, not that you're going to be marrying my daughter or anything". Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV. A fifth and final season was released on November 25th, 2021, concluding the show at 44 episodes. One main difference between F is for Family and traditional animated sitcoms, however, is that there is no Reset Button: Conflicts pile up over the show's episodes with disastrous results. jackets, and wherever else you need a dash of cool. outright steal your ideas and take credit for them, sleeping with Vic's girlfriend, while "Cutie Pie" is, in turn, horrified that she unwittingly slept with a 14-year old boy, his father, Big Bill, throughout season 4. Friend Available in, Laura Dern, Justin Long, Debi Derryberry. (TV Episode 2018) - IMDb, Serial Killer Hints : fisforfamily - reddit, Mr. Goomer | F Is for Family Wiki | Fandom, F Is for Family (2015 TV Show) - Behind The Voice Actors, What's Up With Goomer? He also pasted his own face over Frank's in a family photo album. Card stand anyone? This is most likely a nod to how Frank does his best to tolerate Kevin but just doesnt understand or like him, despite loving his son. Calling it a shithole in the second season. At the hospital, Nurse Beatrice is watching the jump in the room for unaccompanied women, alongside the hospital orderly, and the hippie lady. f is for family goomer killer; put hut duck blind; i like chaos reddit; santa claus game luce; marlin bed temperature offset; mastercontrol customer portal; yellow garden spider bite. Discussed by two firemen in "O Holy Moly Night" while discovering the burned remains of Jimmy's stash of porno magazines. Same for his own childhood, by his own account, which is right on the line between, Vic, who was seen by Frank as leading a charmed life in Season One, starts to show signs of this after his 30th birthday. Vivian and the rest of the Plast-A-Ware executives exchanging numerous profane and sexist remarks. His approach is to listen to individual cases as they are presented to him and attempt to understand what causes a child to become a potential killer. He is currently one of the Murphy's neighbors, and a friend of Frank's. Ginny falls in love with Eileen and moves to California, abandoning her sons, but learns after the fact that part of her move involves living with Frank and Eileen's rude, abusive mother. Four different kinds of cryptocurrencies you should know. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Chet dying after being poisoned by Nguyen-Nguyen when she snaps from his constant abuse. Did you think I was Sue?" Kevin announces he has overcome his fear of water, so he grabs a life ring and jumps in and is immediately swept away by the current and has to be rescued off screen by the coast guard. Rosie's neighborhood friends, including the bartender and the Random Puerto Rican, are watching it on TV at the local barbershop. So I proposed this theory, and she backed it as well - Evelyn is the actual killer, Mr.Goomer hides the evidence of the crimes and breaks into the houses of neighbors dressing in their clothing and assuming a "normal" life (Or what he believes it to be compared to his life and circumstances) and why Evelyn is so readily willing to accept what is obviously an insane explanation even by the standards of the stuff Mr.Goomer says. The show takes place during 1973-1974 when TV dinners seemed like space-age technology, boxing was the greatest thing on television, and kids would ride their bikes behind mosquito trucks and play in the sweet-smelling pesticide clouds. There are real life struggles in F, and it may be animated, but I wouldn't really call it a cartoon. Their Christmas presents to each other are Mohican uniforms, however, the name badges bear their real names, Walter and Mary Margaret. Remember in season 4 Goomers wife offers Frank's dad his trailer and he says he has to bleach the walls, then when he's throwing out stuff he screams "nobody look at me! Rosie and his family are eating and watching TV. Though, this comment was most likely because Kevin had rode his bike home shirtless, cursing loudly, after striking out with Haircut Girl. Male weird sensation when falling asleep; f is for family goomer killer. He knows how to get into Vick's house. President Joe Biden's Department of Education Office for Civil Rights is seeking legal precedent saying the failure to represent "LGBTQ" characters in school content can . The final shot of his home shows there is still much work to be done, but Rosie definitely goes out on a high note. He learns that Mohican Airways is being sold to Alaquippa, which will most likely result in him and everyone else at the airport losing their jobs, and although his new daughter is born, when he goes to his father to introduce her and try to finally patch things up, Big Bill suddenly has a seemingly fatal heart attack/stroke. In certain scenes where Frank is talking to one of the kids while driving, you can see him driving past the exact same overpass and highway sign several times. Later in the song the singer just flat-out says "I'm talking about my penis! weird sensation when falling asleep;. On a more bittersweet note, Frank's come to terms with the death of his father and is moving on, though he's still understandably sour about the relationship and Bob Pogo will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, although he seems to be okay with this. His bathroom habits may also be linked to sexual intent.

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