kerdi membrane over osb

Send us an email: . If you were using a mud floor as your base, having the floor a little uneven wouldn't matter. Was in a similar situation as you and ended up with TEC uncoupling from Lowes for about $15/bag. and be done with it. A quality unmodified thinset should be used and mixed with a latex additive. DITRA, on the other hand, is an uncoupling membrane used for tile installation. Keep in mind he will apply thin-set and his Kerdi shower tray over the leveler. If you are going to use the Kerdi pan then I would use Kerdi membrane and follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly for the entire installation. As an alternative to KERDISEAL- PS/-MV, KERDI-FIX or other suitable sealant can be used to seal pipe protrusions and protect moisturesensitive solid backing panels at the mixing valve. Have everything set to go BEFORE you mix it. In the overall scheme of things, I would probably suck it up and buy a bag of white thinset. The back side of the drywall fails and it is just as bad or worse than if it had an issue on the tile side. For all the substrates listed in this Handbook (e.g., gypsum board, cement backerboard, etc. This includes dirt and dust. Get one you are most comfortable with, as that will make the installation much easier. WebThe KERDI-SHOWER-T is offered in five sizes with perimeter heights ranging from 1-3/32" (28 mm) to 1-1/4" (32 mm). "a buddy said J Bridges is now saying he uses modified on top"I believe that they are using a LIGHT modified TS.But I don't remember the brand.. Prefabricated sloped shower tray: Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-LTS, 3. However if installed on drywall it is only protecting one side. Makes things a lot easier. ft. and is ideal for waterproofing tiled tub surrounds and showers. Schluter- KERDI-DS is a bonded waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder with very low water vapor permeance for use in continuous-use steam rooms and similar applications. A minimum of nominal plywood or OSB thickness installed The wood will absorb the excess moisture and one way to think of it, the fleece on Kerdi is essentially the same as on Ditra, which does call for a modified to attach to ply. Please call Schluter-Systems Can I install Schluter-KERDI over drywall in my tiled shower? A water test is a quality control check performed on any shower installation before setting tile. It's easier to get things level when applied thicker, but that may not be what you want because of height stackups. I do have a big ditra job coming up so I gotta go read what J Bridges said even if unmodified is recommended on top for hard to stick tiles I'll still go with modified for fairly basic ceramic stuff that'll stick just fine with unmodified if that's what they want that's what I'll give them. :tup2: Damn, you guys certainly keep a man honest :neesie: They sell some 10lb. ;). Get home building tips, offers, and expert advice in your inbox. I'm of the opinion now that I'll use what's best for the stick with the subfloor. Thanks again Robert. Also, apply the acrylic mastic between the He uses Custom's Versabond under Kerdi without any problems. Schluter-KERDI is a pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof membrane and vapor retarder with limited crack-bridging capabilities. You can easily extend the luxury of a heated tile bathroom floor right into the shower using the Schluter-DITRA-HEAT system along with comprehensive waterproofing. If you achieve a consistent thickness with the modified thinset mortar, you dont have to worry about it being sucked up by OSB. Only use Schluter screws and washers to attach KERDI-BOARD to the studs. I will be using Ditraset to install the kerdi on the walls and to set the tiles. Uncoupling membrane prevents cracked tile and grout. So if you pre-treated the backs you just ruined the corner. For good new rock music, click on: They can dimple if you put point pressure on it. DITRA will prevent OSB from water damage. Prefabricated shower tray: Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-T/-TS/-TT, 3. Did the article get this detail grotesquely wrong? Find some existing tutorials and project documentation videos to learn how-to get the best out of our products - for more fun in your life, start now! You can also use Schluter-KERDI, a membrane made of polyethylene. In high moisture areas, you can imagine that it is very important to consider this water-resistant feature and functionality so that it will help your projects be more complete. Calculate all your membrane requirements for your project. Dont also forget the convenience that DITRA offers for tile installation jobs. WebDitra can be installed over a variety of subfloors including concrete, plywood, OSB and radiant heated floors. Hey every group has to have one. the modified cured differently (or was it the unmodified?) Have you looked over the Ditra website? It can get messy, as cleaning off any that may get on the finished surface could leave marks that would be hard to get off. Unmodified thin-set mortar is recommended to set ceramic and stone tile, including large format tiles, over the KERDI membrane. Can Schluter Ditra be used on shower floor? The substrate must be clean, even, and load bearing. Happy Friday good people. Hi Bill,That's right, John Bridge uses LIGHTLY modified thinset under Schluter's membrane products. What about if you prime/seal the osb first. Dam up any area you dont want/need the leveler to go into. Best to get the 7/8" OSB to match. I will look into it. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. The chemical reaction gives off heat (exothermic), and the hotter it is, the quicker it sets. You don't want a ridge there. Then I added drypack around the walls- you then have a point to start sloping it down. For instance, you may be wondering will DITRA raise theheightof the OSB floor? Once its flat, please turn to the V-notched side and trowel it so that you see grooves on the surface. Get complete site access to expert advice, how-to videos, Code Check, and more, plus the print magazine. Can you use KERDI membrane on plywood floor? Why Does He Look At Me When Im Not Looking? I accidentally poked a hole through the Schluter-KERDI while installing the membrane. Pressing the Escape (ESC) button will close the modal and bring you back to where you were on the page. They are OK as long as they aren't rolling a piano over it this month. A fully waterproof assembly is easily achieved by sealing seams and fastener penetrations with KERDI-BAND. All KERDI components and tiles must be installed using an unmodified thin-set mortar meeting ANSI A118. All shower trays feature integrated KERDI waterproofing and are designed specifically to integrate with the KERDI-DRAIN. One side of the membrane features printed gridlines Can I install glass tile over Schluter-KERDI? (Explained), Can You Use RedGard Over Plywood? The KERDI-SHOWER-T is offered in five sizes with perimeter heights ranging from 1-3/32" (28 mm) to 1-1/4" (32 mm). Yes! Besides Schluters recommendation, several experts have used DITRA as an uncoupling membrane for tile installation over OSB. Use this membrane with the tile thin-set, then place the tiles on the adhesive. The first and most obvious step is to clean the OSB floor. Connections to fixed building elements can be achieved by using KERDI, KERDI-BAND, or KERDI-FLEX in conjunction with KERDI-FIX, suitable trowel-applied waterproofing materials (such as urethane or similar), that require atmospheric moisture to cure, or other suitable sealing compounds. Sure, grey might be "OK," but why chance it for less than 20 bucks? Calculate all your membrane requirements for your project. Waterproofing strip: Schluter-KERDI-BAND, 5. KERDI shall be separated at existing expansion, structural, and flexible edge joints. Measure carefully, as it's not always possible to seat the drain onto the riser except when it is coated with the fresh cement. Schluter says that the Kerdi membrane and tile can be installed over standard gypsum wall board without any problems. Thanks Kevin. It can be used in areas not subject to direct water exposure (tub/shower surround), and areas of noncontinuous high humidity (bathrooms). How are you going to handle the butt joints perpendicular to the joists of your new and old OSB? Tiles can be installed directly on KERDI using the thin-bed method. This means: A minimum of 5/8 nominal plywood or OSB thickness installed over joists on 16 centers. Im installing Schluter-KERDI over drywall in my shower. Step 2 Cut the DITRA Into Smaller Sizes. On the surface, OSB may look fragile. The 10-in. If it will, that can complicate issues such as opening doors. Do I need an uncoupling membrane on plywood? So, heres my dilemma. Different options and thicknesses of DITRA membrane are available to best suit the needs of your project. How to Market Your Business with Webinars? Go with a masonry bench or look into the better bench or nobel bench. Kerdi is a sheet-applied polyethylene waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder. Jim and Robert (and others) thanks so much for your help and advice. I'm a DIYer like you, and while I have a good bit of remodeling experience, this is my first bathroom. Cut KERDI to size prior to application. With the KERDI-SHOWER-TT thin shower tray on a wood subfloor, you can build up the rest of the bathroom floor by installing either a 5/8" or 3/4" plywood/OSB panel on top of the wood subfloor along with DITRA or another Schluter-Systems uncoupling membrane. CEMENT based only !!!!! While cement backer boards are moisture-resistant, they are not waterproof. Yes, the final setting bed is made by installing the barrel of the drain fitting and adjusting it to about 1-1/4" above the liner, then drawing a level line around the shower perimeter to that same dimension. Thanks Kevin. Hey Jim, one last question. Henry makes one called liquid backerboard that is designed to get to a feather edge over OSB or ply (I'm sure on ply, double-check over OSB). While you can lay tile directly over a concrete slab using thin-set adhesive, dont make the mistake of applying tile directly to a plywood subfloor. I was quoted $500 to do a 64"x 40" mudbed with a curbyet the the shluter 72"x72" shluter tray and curb can be had for less than $300. Mark the slope or high point on the walls. It really is pretty easy. Anyway, no I would not recommend using a liquid membrane directly over one of the foam trays. Tile is installed over DITRA using the thin-bed method in such a way that the mortar becomes mechanically anchored in the square, cutback cavities of the matting. Schluter -DITRA and DITRA-XL are specifically designed for ceramic and stone tile installations. Danny, this the same master bath you have an earlier thread about? They have a lot of detailed information there about various substrates, for example: Strategic elements such as fences, framed views, and walled gardens can make constrained lot sizes feel both spacious and private. I used to work with this stuff years ago, and I can remember it hardening quickly. Use your rubber mallet to help things along. Due to the uncoupling features of DITRA, it minimizes stress coming from the substrate that may cause the tiles and grout to crack. I'm not so sure any of this makes a difference? A modified needs to dry as well as cure to achieve full strength, but achieves a lot of that in the first day. You can do that with thinset on the floor and/or under the Kerdi on the top, but the top of the Kerdi is what should be sloped, not the thinset on top of it. DITRA should be used over OSB floors in areas where you wish to tile. You have a plastic moisture barrier behind the walls, and a PVC liner under the floor. The material is physiologically safe and does not require special disposal. The Schluter-Shower System is an integrated family of products that together form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled showers Can I use Schluter-KERDI in my steam shower? Learn more about the essentials of waterproofing. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. or glitter, etc.). So, it is safe to install DITRA over OSB. ..your opinion on shimming up the shorter pre pitch sticks?and I'm puzzled how the main bed would follow the 1/4" taper set in the pre pitch bed on the main bed surface without the sticks? "Did the article get this detail grotesquely wrong?". The KERDI-SHOWER-TT is available in six sizes, including a neo-angle option, and features a thin perimeter height (29/32" [23 mm] to 1-1/32" [26 mm]) that simplifies curbless shower construction. I have been told several times that I should redgard the wall seams of the CBU and the seams around the curb as well as the perimeter seam between the setting bed and the disagree with ANY secondary liner or just one on the floor where it could trap water between the two liners? Well damn. Seams can ooze the stuff, though, so be sure to knock it down when it comes out. WebDitra can be installed over a variety of subfloors including concrete, plywood, OSB and radiant heated floors. Uncoupling and waterproofing membrane: Schluter-DITRA, 4. IMPORTANT: Stud spacing exceeding 16" requires the placement of additional studs. Over a concrete subfloor use a bonded mortar bed of appropriate thickness to build up the rest of the bathroom floor. Provides uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management and heavy load distribution. I will give it a shot. Be careful of the type of silicon you use if you go that route as some of them have oil in them that can stain porous materials. This seems to contradict what I Danny, I see no advantage of applying a waterproofing membrane in the areas you are talking about. Therefore, it really wont raise the OSB floor very high. Step 4 Grab Your Trowel and Install the Modified Thinset. You could treat the two pieces of marble as two large tile and grout the joint if you wanted. That is where the DITRA uncoupling membrane comes in. Tile will go over the kerdi. This includes dirt and dust. Waterproofing strip seals abutting joints of membranes and building panels, Waterproof, multifunctional tile substrate and building panel, Point drain with integrated bonding flange, Bonded waterproofing and vapor-retardant membrane, Single-component sealing and bonding compound, Contact us: 888-472-4588 If you are intent on using Hydroban (an excellent choice) or RedGuard (I wouldn't use for the floor) then you will need to prepare a mud slope. OSB, though slightly different from plywood, it is still a wood product. Seams can be constructed by overlapping the edges of the KERDI 2" (5 cm) using Schluter-SET, Schluter-ALL-SET, Schluter-FAST-SET, or unmodified thin-set mortar, or by abutting the edges and covering the joint with KERDI-BAND using Schluter-SET, Schluter-ALL-SET, Schluter-FAST-SET, or unmodified thin-set mortar. Kerdi Trouble - Testing it, have concerns. Profile that forms a splashguard in curbless showers. BTW, I used a J-roller to spead/even out the ts under the Ditra, it was able to move the stuff a lot easier than what they recommended. To allow for greater movement, the center section of the KERDI-FLEX can be tucked into the cavity of the expansion joint prior to bonding. We are going with a grey grout, either delorean gray or light pewter. Keep in mind all of the work your doing. Can you install Kerdi board directly on studs? Follow the Wood Underlayment installation guidelines as found in the Schluter-DITRA or Schluter-DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbooks for fastening guidelines. Excellence is its own reward! You should be good to go anytime now. It means "Greenboard" can still be used in bathrooms (and other areas), it just cannot be used as a backer for tile in a shower or tub surround. Now that you know DITRA can be used over OSB, its time to learn how to do it. KERDI is ideal for use in tiled showers, bathtub surrounds, residential steam showers, and other tile applications in wet areas. Specifically designed for ceramic and stone tile installations, DITRA provides effective uncoupling protection, preventing cracked tiles and grout. Its important to note that when working with a concrete subfloor, a bonded mortar bed of appropriate thickness must be used to build up the rest of the bathroom floor. Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, Fine Homebuilding Issue #313 Online Highlights, The Fine Homebuilding Interview: James Metoyer, 10 Steps to Install Crown Molding on Cabinets, Choosing the Right Construction Tape for the Job, Expert insights on techniques and principles. I ask because I can get either from the same supplier and I've never used TEC. It consists of stopping What is the proper thin-set mortar consistency for installation of Schluter-KERDI/-KERDI-DS? I can confidently For those who worry about water issues in the home, the Kerdi Board is the better overall choice. Possibly. The Kerdi seems very well adhered to the plywood. 4. Thanks! Don't fear the mud. DITRA performs all these functions while still providing adequate support/load distribution for the tile covering. A quality unmodified thinset should be used and mixed with a latex additive. However, Im using Kerdi membrane instead of Showerseal coating. Ceramic Tile Advice Forums - John Bridge Ceramic Tile. I'm good front to back (32" depth). Once you install KERDI over the drywall panels, they will be completely protected from the water and vapor in your tiled shower. Any specific type/brand to look for? Since KERDI is impervious, it does not deprive the mortar of its moisture. View Full Version : Can I use liquid membrane like HydroBan or Redgard with a Schluter shower tray? If you must tape Schluter-KERDI over Solid Backing for Walls, Scott McGillivray on Waterproofing Principles using Schluter-Systems, How to Waterproof Connections to Fixed Building Elements. This is very important for OSB boards that are used as floors. If you cannot or do not wish to recess the floor or use a ramp, the use of additional materials to raise the bathroom floor is another option. Press KERDI fully into the bond coat. Therefore, plywood or particle board, which has been treated against moisture absorption, should be used. The latter is ideal for structural and load-bearing applications such as floors. Likewise take a grinder to any high spots. Waterproofing Corners: Schluter-KERDI-KERECK, 1. Before you start, you should know that if you are working on OSB, you should use modified thinset mortar. If so, you haven't done anything wrong. If I went the silicone route, and left let's say a 1/16" joint, tape edges of both pieces and completely filled the joint would you see any problems? Holes can typically be repaired by installing a patch of KERDI or Schluter-KERDI-BAND with What is a water test? Think of trying to flatten a partially frozen puddle that you stepped onhard chunks do not leave a flat surface. Support answered that they recommend modified. Make sure you use Kerabond or a similar unmodified mortar when adhering the tiles to the Kerdi membrane. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Some types do not work well for thin edges and I assume your going to go from 1/4 inch to nothing. I'll get some pics up over the weekend (batterys dead in camera).. You've got 1/4" Hardi down, but no tile yet, correct? For acid-resistant coverings, use an epoxy adhesive to set and grout the tile. This doesnt have to be a cause for concern. 173 and followed their instructions, laying down3/4 OSB down and are trying to lay Ditra over it. Furthermore, the maximum on-center spacing for the screws and washers is 12 inches. Some of the acrylic based ones are pretty maintenance free, too. Thats because the thinset, once applied, cures very quickly. Due to its thin perimeter height, the KERDI-SHOWER-TT is an ideal choice. joist spacing. I understand that to be a requirement for the foam trays. Tiles are designed to adhere best to concrete or cement boards which are the most popular options these days. Portland cement-based unmodified thin-set mortars are dependent on the presence of moisture for hydration in order to gain strength. Ouch. ), Schluter SET, ALL-SET, FAST-SET or an unmodified thin-set mortar is recommended. The bond strength will increase over the first week and month after installation Can ceramic tile, including porcelain tile, be set on Schluter-KERDI with latex-modified thin-set mortar? Its relatively thin. Install KERDI-SEAL-PS pipe seals at showerhead, body sprays, etc. With the KERDI-SHOWER-TT thin shower tray on a wood subfloor, you can build up the rest of the bathroom floor by installing either a 5/8" or 3/4" plywood/OSB panel on top of the wood subfloor along with DITRA or another Schluter-Systems uncoupling membrane. No wait time is required. "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Neither one absorbs moisture and both offer some interesting features (glow in the dark! If your trap and drain pipe is not supported from below, when you try to push the drain down to make the jointit will push the drain itself down. Ensure the pieces are big enough to fit the entire OSB subfloor. Step 5 Install the DITRA Over the Thinset. The classically-inspired KERDI-DRAIN is offered in a variety of grate finishes and accommodates a wide range of tile thicknesses. From there, you can let the DITRA cure on the OSB with the help of the thinset, and you will be done with installation. No. and since the plastic did absorb any moisture . it did cure as quick and the "excess" moisture could screw up the grout. Without a waterproof membrane like Kerdi, water and moisture can seep through grout, tile and other materials and end up damaging wood studs and subfloor.

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